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Open Frame Generator Vs Closed Frame: Which is Better for You?

If you are looking for a generator to buy you may be confused by the generator types available in the market. Still, the most commonly available and preferred products are open frame generators and closed frame.

Now you may have a question: Which one can fulfill your requirements and how is it better than others? Let’s find the answer by checking the pros and cons of each one.

Open Frame Generator Vs Closed Frame

Both open and closed frame generators are commonly used for outage or remote electric supply, and they generally fulfill the same requirements in most cases. Although they are very similar, they can significantly impact your experience depending on your usage and specific needs.

For instance, if you require a generator for extended periods, an open frame generator is advantageous as it remains cooler and can provide a continuous electric supply for longer durations. In contrast, a closed-frame generator tends to heat up after prolonged use, typically beyond five hours.

However, closed frame generators have the benefit of being 30 to 50% less noisy than their open frame, making them a preferable option for noise-sensitive environments.

Noise levels

As you can aspect open frame generators will be nosier than closed frame generators. We compared both types of product manufactured by “Genkins Generators” with the same wattage of 4500, in a result, we found that the Genkins GKJ4500 4500 watts open frame generator was producing 70dBA of noise without any load, on the other hand, Genkins GK4500iER 4500 watts closed frame device was producing only 56 dBA without load and 63 on full load.

Engine Access

The engines of open framed generators are exposed which gives easy access to the engine.

Closed frame generators have a cover on their engine, so it is not that easy to access the engine. For closed frame generators the maintenance process is not easier because the engine has to be uncovered first.


When it comes to portability closed frame generators are commonly easy to carry, and most of the generator’s covers are made of plastic material which makes them lightweight. Closed frame generators come with a handle which makes them more portable than open frames.

While open frame generators are considered heavy generators due to their metal bodies and frames and the lack of a carrying handle makes portability difficult.

Price Difference

Open frame generators are affordable due to their simple design, which means that if someone has a low budget and requires a generator the open-frame is the recommended option for them however they may consume more fuel over time.

Closed-frame generators are higher in cost, but it is fuel efficient offering better long-term value.

Safety Features

Closed-frame generators are considered safer. Its covered components keep the children safe from accidentally touching the hot engine and parts. The covered body protects against environmental elements such as dust and rain.

Moreover, close-frame generators are less noisy lowering the risk of hearing damage. These features collectively make closed frame generators a safer option for various environments.

Ideal Use Cases

Open frame generators are best for large outdoor events, construction sites, or backup for businesses where noise is not a primary concern.

Close frame generators are ideal for home backup, remote vehicles, camping, and other situations where quiet operation is required.

Pros and Cons

Open Frame Generators


  • Better Cooling
  • Easier Maintenance
  • Lower Cost


  • Noisier
  • Less Portable
  • High Risk of injuries

Closed Frame Generators


  • Quieter
  • Safer
  • Fuel Efficient
  • More Portable


  • Higher cost
  • More Complex Maintenance
  • Potential Overheating

How To Decide Which One is suitable for you? [Conclusion]

This depends on your specific needs. If you need a generator for a long period, prefer easier maintenance, and are on a tight budget, an opened frame generator is the best choice for you.

If you have enough budget and your primary concern is less noise, safety, and portability then the close frame generator is a suitable choice for you.

You have to choose the generator as per your requirements.

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