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Red light on generac generator What’s The Issue and How to Fix It

If you are Generac generator you must faced red light on Generac generator. This is a common light what we can face in our generator. In reality this is a warning light which shows that your generator has some kind of error in it.

If you are interested about Generac generator’s red light lets dive into the article and get educated about Generac common problems.

What does the red light on my Generac Generator mean?

The red light in Generac generator means that your generator has some kind of fault, this could be the fuel supply, low wattage, high wattage, under speed or over speed etc. If you found that the red light of your generator is on, you must uncover the top of your Generac generator and check the control panel display for possible problem (error code)

From the error code you can find the fault of your generator which it is facing right now.

What Causes Red Light on Generac Generator?

Red light on Generac generator can be caused by multiple reasons, or we can say that each error in your generator is the cause of red light. Whenever the Generac generator detect an issue it light up the red light.

Below are some of the common issues and their solutions that can make the red light on.

fault code on generac generator

Generac Generator Fuel Supply Troubleshooting

This is the most common cause of red light on Generac generator, this error is cause for multiple error codes. The Generac generator requires enough and clean supply.


  1. Check the fuel supply line if it is open and clear for fuel to pass.
  2. Check the fuel quality, old or dirty fuel can also cause problems in Generac generators.
  3. Check the carburetor, for dust and dirt, carburetor is responsible for supplying and cleaning fuel for generator engine.

Generator Running Overload

Running overload in Generac generator happens when your generator is connected with large appliance. Another possible reason for overloading is the stepper motor.


  1. You need to disconnect the large appliance from your generator or simply just disconnect the main connection from generator and start generator. Now add load with step by step increment.
  2. Check the exhaust of your generator for blockage a block exhaust can also cause generator overload.
  3. Check the air box and clean it if required, if the air box is block due to dust it will not supply enough air pressure to generator for running smooth.
  4. In last you must check the stepper motor, but for this you need a qualified mechanic to fix.

Overheating in Generac Generators

Overheating of Generac generator can also be a cause of red light. When your generator sense that the engine running at high temperature it stop running and switch the red light on. There are multiple reasons that can be the possible reason for overheating.


  1. Check the Coolant system of your generator a faulty coolant system is the main cause of overheating.
  2. Check if generator is continuously running with highly loaded appliances. If you are using heavy load appliances, you need to disconnect them and give your generator a rest for minimum 30 minutes.
  3. Faulty Battery can also cause overheating of generator. Check for short circuit and main your battery.

Battery Issue in Generac Generator

A red light on your generator can be also a sign of battery issue in your generator. Over the time battery can also loose charge or damage terminal. So your need to check it regularly to prevent your generator from this fault.


Check if the battery is fully charged and connections are neat and tidy. A weak battery can also trigger the red light on Generac generator.

It is possible that your generator wiring has some fault and it may need some attention for repair.

There is also a possibility that the controller of your generator is not working properly,

Make sure that you are using up-to-date firmware in your generator.

Preventing Damage from Faulty Components

As you know that the red light on Generac generators is a warning that your generator has some kind of fault. You need to check the error code carefully and inspect the problem with your generator, fix it by yourself if you can do or call the expert. Because a faulty components can lead to major problem with your generator or it may break your generator.

So it is highly recommended to solve the issue before it is too late for your generator to fix.

How to Clear Red Light on Generac Generator?

After troubleshooting the error you need to disconnect all appliance or connections from generator, check the fuel connection and engine oil level. Start your generator and let it run for a few minutes, then put load on it.

Some time you may need to reset your generator before start.

To keep your generator in good working condition you need to schedule a weekly test on generator, and check if it works fine. With proper maintenance a Generac generator can last for decades.

How Reset the Generator

To reset your Generac generator you should follow the following steps.

To do that press [off] on control panel, Press [Auto], and then Press Manual button to start [Manual].

Call a Technician

If your generator’s fault is not cleared with the above basic solutions, you need to call an expert technician to help your problem. For authorized Generac dealer you can use officail Generac website to find the nearest dealer.


Why is my Generac light yellow and red?

The red light indicates that there is some issue with generator, and the yellow light is for maintenance reminder.

Why is the red light flashing on my generator?

The flashing of red light in your Generac generator indicates that there is some serious issue with your generator.


The above problems and solution are some of the common reason for red light on Generac generators. For more related you should call an authorized mechanic to work in your generator.

Please don’t attempt repair on your generator if it is still under warranty, in this case you need to call help center or find a nearest authorized dealer for repair.

The follow thoubleshooting guide will help you in repair of your generator by yourself.

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