The 8 Best Smallest Portable Generators [Tiny Generators, Big Impact]

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Are you searching for the most compact and smallest portable generators available? 

Portable generators are excellent for powering up during outages, tailgating, camping, and weekend getaways. Smaller generators can fit your needs and save you money. 

This post will explore today’s smallest portable generators and compare their cost, features, and usability.

Best Ratted1
champion smallest generator
Champion Power [ 100692 ]
  • Product Dimensions: 17.3″L x 12″W x 17.7″H
Our Pick2
GENMAX smallest inverter generator
GENMAX [GM1200i]
  • Product Dimensions:16.5″L x9.4″W x15.7″H
Smallest Generator3
Pulsar small Cheap generator
Pulsar [PG1202SA]
  • Product Dimensions ‎16.2″L x 14″W x 14.8″H
Modern Design4
ipower smallest portable generators
A-iPower [SUA2000iV]
  • Product Dimensions ‎18.3″L x 11.3″W x 19.5″H
Long Lasting5
Wen small portable inverter generator
WEN [56125i]
  • Product Dimensions 17″L x 9″W x 12.5″H
Top Ratted P-Station6
Jackery Explorer small power station
Jackery Explorer 1000W
  • Product Dimensions: 13.1″L x 9.2″W x 11.1″H
Smallest Power Station7
imuto smallest power station
iMuto [iMuto T1000]
  • Product Dimensions 10″L x 10″W x 10″H
Best Seller P-Station8
EF ECOFLOW small power station
  • Product Dimensions ‎15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6 inches

GENMAX [GM1200i] 1200W Ultra-Quiet Small Inverter Generator 

GENMAX smallest inverter generator

The GENMAX GM1200i is an efficient portable inverter generator that produces up to 1200W of power while maintaining ultra-low noise levels. It is designed with the environment in mind, meeting all EPA regulations and contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

This generator, weighing only 25.3 pounds, is compact and lightweight, making it effortless to power your gear from anywhere. Running on gasoline, it boasts an Eco-Mode that conserves fuel and minimizes noise. It is remarkably quiet at a distance of 23 feet and operating at 25% load, registering only 58 dBA. 

Rest assured that our safety features are top-notch! These include low oil and overload alarms, a CO warning light, an output indicator, and CO Detect shutdown sensor. With these features, you can have the peace of mind you deserve. 

This generator boasts a 0.66-gallon gas tank and can deliver up to 6.5 hours of power at half-load, providing a reliable 120 volts for all your device needs. 

Ensure your readiness for outdoor expeditions or power failures with the portable and secure GENMAX GM1200i. Its remarkably low noise level and compact product dimensions of 16.5″x9.4″x15.7″ make it a must-have.


  • Quite an Operation
  • Inverter Technology
  • Affordable price
  • Weight only 25.3 pounds


  • Only Recoil Started
  • Not recommended for large appliances

Pulsar [PG1202SA] 1200W Gas-Powered Smallest Portable Generators

Pulsar small Cheap generator

The Pulsar Gas-Powered Portable Generator, manufactured by the highly regarded brand Pulsar, can generate up to 1000 running watts and has a surge capacity of 1200 watts.

The 2-stroke engine is powered by gasoline and features a single cylinder, 69cc displacement, and 2.2 horsepower. Its recoil start mechanism simplifies operation, and its compact design and 37.5-pound weight provide ease of maneuverability.

Looking for portable power? The Pulsar PG1202SA has a 1-year warranty and can provide up to 5 hours of half-load use with its 1.1-gallon fuel tank. It’s perfect for outdoor activities like camping or hosting gatherings and useful during emergencies. Its robust design ensures it can handle any task assigned to it.


  • The lowest Price is only $169.99
  • Durable Designed
  • The handle makes it easy to carry


  • Not recommended for sensitive devices.

A-iPower [SUA2000iV] 2000W Ultra-Quiet lightweight Inverter Generator 

ipower smallest portable generators

The A-iPower SUA2000iV inverter generator has a starting wattage of 2,000 and a running wattage of 1,600 on gasoline, making it a reliable and convenient portable power source.

This generator is highly portable and easy to store, weighing only 46 pounds and measuring 18.3″ x 11.3″ x 19.5″. Its dependable 80cc OHV 4-stroke engine offers both security and cost savings. 

This generator is designed with safety in mind, featuring overload protection, low oil shutdown, and automatic idle control. It operates at a quiet 52 decibels.

This power source provides up to seven hours of runtime at 50% load, making it ideal for outdoor activities and power outages. It is a dependable solution for those seeking a steady stream of power when needed.


  • Inverter technology for sensitive devices.
  • Modern Design
  • Low oil alert & shutdown
  • Quiet operation of only 52 decibels


  • The price is high than other small generators

WEN [56125i] 1250-Watt Small Gas-Powered Inverter Generator

Wen small portable inverter generator

The WEN 1250-Watt Gas-Powered Inverter Generator is a compact and efficient power solution from WEN. 

This generator provides 1250 surge watts and steady 1000-rated watts, making it reliable for gadgets and small appliances. It runs on a gasoline-powered 60cc OHV engine that is both strong and efficient.

The best part? This friendly power sidekick weighs just 44 pounds and measures 17 x 9 x 12.5 inches, making it easy to carry for camping, tailgating, and adventures.

Thanks to its echo mode that adapts the engine speed to what’s needed, the generator purrs at a super quiet 51 decibels from 22 feet away, saving fuel and reducing noise.

The WEN 56125i provides 5+ hours of half-load run time from its 0.7-gallon tank. Plus, it features a USB port for your devices, making it perfect for modern needs.


  • Inverter Technology
  • EPA III and CARB Compliant
  • Low oil detection
  • Affordable Price


  • produce extra noise.
  • not recommended for large appliances

Champion Power [ 100692 ] 2000-Watt Ultralight Smallest Inverter Generator 

champion smallest generator

The Champion Power Equipment Ultralight Portable Inverter Generator, designated by model 100692, is an optimal solution for individuals seeking a dependable and efficient power source when engaging in outdoor activities or facing emergencies. This generator supplies a substantial 2000 watts of starting power and a continuous output of 1700 watts when utilizing gasoline.

This generator is one of the lightest models in its class, measuring 17.3 x 11.5 x 17.7 inches and weighing less than 40 pounds. Thanks to its 4-stroke 79cc OHV engine, which provides a run time of up to 11.5 hours at 25% load with its 1.1-gallon fuel tank,

The Champion 2000-Watt Ultralight Portable Inverter Generator is a versatile and reliable power source for outdoor activities and emergencies. It includes a USB adapter, engine oil, oil funnel, and battery charging cables for easy starting with its recoil feature. The generator operates at a noise level of only 53 dBA, making it a smart investment for camping, tailgating, and other outdoor events.


  • Smallest Inverter generator
  • Ultra Light is only 39 pounds
  • Smart Economy Mode
  • Parallel support to combine two generators power


  • The price is a little high

Jackery Explorer 1000 watts Portable Small Power Station & Solar Generator

Jackery Explorer small power station

The Jackery Explorer 1000 watts Portable Power Station & Solar Generator provide up to 1000 watts of reliable and efficient energy. It eliminates the need for noisy generators and gasoline and offers a clean, quiet energy solution.

Powered by a high-quality lithium-ion battery and equipped with an advanced MPPT controller designed for optimum charging efficiency, this device is an exceptionally versatile solution for all your power-related requirements.

With its compact dimensions of inches and lightweight design at just 22 pounds, it’s incredibly easy to carry on outdoor adventures or keep as an emergency backup. Its 100% green energy operation aligns with eco-conscious values, while the absence of noise ensures a peaceful experience. 

For those who are camping, experiencing power outages, or living off the grid, the Jackery Explorer 1000 is a reliable source of efficient and eco-friendly energy that is easily accessible.


  • Clean Energy
  • Solar Charging capability
  • Lightweight at 22 pounds


  • Only recommended for small appliances, mobiles, laptops, and lights.

iMuto [iMuto T1000]1000W Portable Power Station,1038Wh 288000mAh Solar Generator 

imuto smallest power station

The iMuto 1000W Portable Power Station is a compact and reliable power source designed by the renowned brand iMuto. Weighing just 17 pounds, it’s the perfect companion for all your power needs on the go.

This generator has a compact size of 10″L x 10″ W x 10″H. It doesn’t sacrifice power with an output of 1000 watts, making it ideal for various power needs.

The device consists of 56 lithium-ion batteries, each with a capacity of 1038Wh measured in milliampere-hours. It can be used for outdoor activities, power outages, and as a sustainable energy source. 

The iMuto 1000W Portable Power Station offers a dependable and efficient power source supported by a 24-month warranty. Operating at 120 volts, it is also highly portable, allowing easy transport and use in various settings. This product embodies a commitment to quality and reliability, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a powerful and reliable power source.


  • Pure energy
  • lightweight only 17 pounds
  • Solar charges support


  • Only recommended for small appliances, mobiles, laptops, and lights.

EF ECOFLOW [‎MR330] Portable Power Station 1260Wh Solar Powered Generator

EF ECOFLOW small power station

The EF ECOFLOW MR330 Portable Power Station is compact, lightweight, and dependable for on-the-go energy needs. It measures 15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6 inches and weighs just 30.9 pounds.

This device operates at 120 volts and has a capacity of 1260 watts, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. Its lithium battery ensures quick charging, with 80% capacity reached in an hour. These impressive features make it a reliable and efficient power solution. 

EF ECOFLOW’s portable power station can handle up to 11 devices simultaneously, making it convenient and sustainable for a more innovative future.


  • Solar Power generator
  • 0-80% in under 1 Hour
  • 13 output ports


  • High on Price

Traditional Small Portable Generators vs Portable Power Stations

Traditional Small Portable Generators vs Portable Power Stations

Regarding obtaining power on the go, there are two options: small power generators and portable power stations. While both share the common goal of providing electricity in remote locations or during power outages, they are distinct in their technology and features. Thus, comparing the two is important to determine which one best suits your needs.

Portable power generators that are compact and easy to transport are designed to operate using either gasoline or propane as a fuel source to generate electricity. These generators are particularly well-suited for outdoor activities and emergencies where a reliable power source is needed. However, it’s important to note that their capacity is limited, and they may not be able to provide enough power for extended periods, so it’s essential to plan accordingly.

Leveraging lithium-ion batteries, portable power stations have emerged as an eco-friendly and noiseless solution for storing energy. These power stations can recharge seamlessly via a solar panel or an AC outlet. They can power various devices, including laptops, smartphones, and medical equipment. These power stations are well recommended for indoor use.

What is the Smallest power generator?

A portable generator is a compact apparatus that serves the purpose of providing electricity in a variety of situations. Its inherent portability allows for easy transportation and usage in locations where a steady power source is not readily available.

It is an indispensable tool for outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, and hiking, as well as for emergencies such as power outages caused by natural disasters. A well-designed portable generator can deliver an adequate power supply to a range of appliances, making it a valuable asset for personal and professional use.

Portable generators are highly valued for their versatility as they offer essential electrical functionality even in regions where a stable power source is not readily available. These generators are designed to provide a reliable source of power that can be used in various settings, making them a popular choice for individuals and businesses alike.

By ensuring that a stable power supply is always available, portable generators help to maintain productivity and avoid disruptions caused by power outages. Overall, these generators are essential for anyone requiring a consistent and reliable electrical power source.


What is the smallest generator to buy?

Pulsar [PG1202SA] is the smallest generator to buy.

What’s the smallest Honda generator they make?

EU1000i is the smallest generator made by Honda. This 900W generator weighs only 30 lbs.

Are small generators safe?

Small generators are safe for outdoor use but not recommended for indoor, for indoor, you can use a power station from the above list.

Can a small generator power a fridge?

Small generators can power small fridge units but are not recommended for large fridges.

How long can a small generator run?

Most of the small generators can last for about 5-6 hours. it depends upon fuel on tank capacity also.

Can smaller generators be used indoors?

Traditional small generators can’t use indoors, but you can use power stations indoors.

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