All You Need to Know About 1500 Watt Sportsman Generator

All those years of my life that I spent with generators, I have sold and used many generators. The 1500 watt sportsman generator is one of them and today I will share with you all the information about it that I have faced myself or my customers. Generators are an essential part of camping and power outage. The GENMAX1500 Sportsman Generator has the ability, enough to power the essentials in your home during a power outage and make camping enjoyable. but there are a lot of things that you should know before buying it.

Getting To Know Your Sportsman Generator: Safety, Power Output

1500 Watt Sportsman Generator

It is important to have a generator that is reliable and easy to use. This model has both of those features and more. It operates at 60 hertz, which is a standard frequency for generators of this size.

This GENMAX1500 generator was manufactured in 2005 by Buffalo Corp for a long-life automotive technology. This unit is equipped with a 2-cycle gasoline engine, which means that it does not have a separate tank for engine fuel you have to mix it with gas. The starting process is manual with a recoil starter.

The GENMAX1500 was my favorite for its long life but it is discontinued by Buffalo Corp. it is capable of 1500 watts of Surge power which can be only used for a short amount of time. In reality, it can give you continuous power of 900 Watts. This generator does not have inverter technology; always take care of using sensitive devices on it.

This generator has only 1 gallon of maximum fuel capacity in its tank, and this 1 gallon of gas can make it run for about 8 hours with 50% of the load. It produces 120V of single-phase electric current for that two 120V outlets are attached and a 12V DC outlet is also attached for recharging batteries etc.

An F6TC spark plug is used in it, easily available in electric shops; a spark plug remover, a screwdriver, and a set of DC connector wires are also included in the kit. The air filter of this generator requires more frequent cleaning when you regularly operate it in dusty areas or should be checked within a month.

Tips For Perfect Camping Trips with 1500-watt Sportsman Generator

In the past, it was my favorite generator for camping and outdoor requirements. I use it personally and when I require it to use it at home I was able to use it only for lightning and small equipment just link fans and blowers etc.

The sportsman GENMAX1500 has a 2-Cycle Gasoline Engine you should always keep in mind to mix the gas with oil.

Manufacturer advice not to use it above 3,000 ft of sea level, if you need to use it above then it is not for you; Air flowing through the carburetor could cause the generator to malfunction.

This is not an inverter generator do not use sensitive devices with it.


First of all the sportsman, 1500 watts generator series is discontinued by the manufacturer, and it is almost impossible to buy a new one.  If you are low on the budget you can only buy it in used condition, in other cases, it is not recommended to buy this. This generator is not an inverter power to use your sensitive devices at home or camping.

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This makes a lot of noise the minimum noise reading is 65 dB from 24 ft on 0% of load, you can imagine you can understand what will be the 80% of noise of this generator. Its engine is a 2-Cycle Gasoline Engine; compare to a 4 stroke engine this will not run for a longer time if your use is continuous.

sportsman 1500 watt generator manual

Watt worksheet for series 1500-watt generator

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