Predator Generators 9000 Exciting Review of Its Performance and Features

For individuals in need of a dependable power source, predator generators are a popular option. The Predator 9000 stands out among the several variants available for its amazing power output and exceptional features. This portable generator’s high power output is intended to operate high-powered tools on construction sites, backup power for homes during a power shortage, and other uses.

A gasoline-fueled, 420 cc (13 hp) OHV 4-stroke engine powers the Predator 9000 generator. It can deliver 120/240V and offers 7,250W of running power and 9,000W of peak power. This generator’s CO SECURETM carbon monoxide shutdown, which ensures safety in the event of carbon monoxide buildup, is one of its most prominent features.

It is the perfect option for usage in enclosed locations like garages or workshops because of its characteristics.

Overview of Predator Generators 9000

predator generators 9000 review

Predator Generators 9000 are portable generators created to supply electricity for high-powered tools on construction sites, backup power for homes during crises, and more. These generators are a fantastic option for anyone in need of a dependable power source because they are made to be dependable, efficient, and powerful.

With a noise level rating of 73.5 dBA, the Predator 9000 generator is just a little bit louder than a bathroom sink. Comparatively speaking to other generators in its class, it is still fairly quiet.

The Predator 9000 generator’s low oil shutdown feature is one of its most notable characteristics. When the oil level is too low, this feature turns off the generator to safeguard the engine from damage. This keeps the generator operating at its best efficiency and helps to extend its lifespan.

Key Features

Brand:PredatorCertification:EPA & CARB
Fuel type:87+ Octane UnleadedProduct Length:26-7/8 in
Start type:Electric + recoilProduct Width:22 in
Run Time:13 hours @ 50% loadProduct Height:22-3/4 in
Max Starting Watts:9000wSound rating (dB) :78 dB(A)
Horsepower:13Max Running Watts:7250 watt
Engine displacement (cc) :420ccOutput voltage (volts) :120/240 VAC, 12 VDC
Accessories Includedspark plug wrench and screwdriver
Basic Features of Predator 900 Watt Generator Easy to understand list

Predator Generators 9000w Features

Predator 9000 is a powerful generator that is packed with features. Here are some of the key features of the generator:

Maximum and Minimum Power Output

The maximum AC output of 9000 watts and a rated AC output of 7250 watts are both available from the Predator 9000 generator. Because of this, it may be used to power powerful tools and appliances. A 13 HP, 4-stroke OHV engine that produces dependable power powers the generator. There are four outlets, so you can connect several devices at once.

Fuel Efficiency

A 6.6-gallon fuel tank on the Predator 9000 generator lets you run up to 13 hours of operation at 50% load. This makes it a fuel-efficient generator that can deliver electricity for long stretches of time without needing to refill. Additionally, the generator has a low oil indication feature that helps safeguard the engine from harm caused by low oil levels.

Noise Level

The Predator 9000 generator is rated for a noise level of 73.5 dBA, which is slightly louder than a shower. This makes it a relatively quiet generator that won’t disturb your neighbors or the environment.

CO SECURE™ technology

The generator also features a CO SECURE carbon monoxide shutdown system that automatically shuts down the engine if it detects unsafe levels of carbon monoxide.


The Predator 9000 generator is built to be portable and simple to operate. It has a sturdy steel frame, never-flat tires, and a fold-down handle that makes moving it around a breeze. The generator also has an electronic start that makes it simple and quick to turn on.

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Benefits of Predator 900 Generator

Predator Generators 9000 offer many benefits that make them a popular choice for those in need of reliable and versatile power sources. Here are some of the key benefits:


The Predator 9000 generator has a high-quality gas-powered hp air-cooled OHV gas engine that is designed to deliver reliable power when you need it most. It also has a low oil shutdown feature that helps protect the engine from damage and prolong its lifespan.

Finally, the Predator 9000 is built to last because it is made of sturdy materials and is made to withstand harsh environmental conditions.


The adaptability of the Predator 9000 generator is another important advantage. It is appropriate for a variety of applications because to its capacity to deliver up to 9000 beginning watts and 7250 operating watts. The Predator 9000 can tackle any task, whether you need to run high-power tools on a construction site or power your home during a power outage.

The Predator 9000 is additionally made to be portable and simple to relocate from one place to another. It has a strong frame and wheels that make it simple to move, even over uneven ground. As a result, it is the perfect option for individuals who require a portable generator.

Ease of Use

The Predator 9000 generator was also made to be simple to use. It has choices for both electric and pull-start starts, making it simple to get it going immediately. You may depend on it to deliver electricity for a long time because of its considerably longer runtime of up to 13 hours at 50% fuel capacity.

Additionally, the Predator 9000 is built with user-friendly features including an engine shutdown option and low oil indicator. This makes it simple to maintain the generator’s smooth operation and guard against engine damage.


  • Comes with both an electric start and pull start for improved convenience
  • 8-gallon gas tank for uninterrupted power supply
  • Relatively longer runtime of up to a max of 13 hours at 50% fuel capacity
  • Low oil indicator and low oil shutdown for engine protection
  • Multiple outlets for a wide range of applications


  • A heavy-duty machine with dimensions of 76.2 by 61 by 66 centimeters and a weight of over 193 lbs
  • Produces very little noise, about 76 db

Drawbacks of Predator 900 Generator

Despite the Predator 9000 generator’s many advantages, there are a few negatives to take into account before buying.

The weight of the Predator 9000 is one of its key flaws. It is not a portable generator that can be carried around easily, weighing more than 193 lbs. This makes it challenging to utilize in isolated areas or for outdoor activities.

The Predator 9000’s noise level is another problem. It can nevertheless be loud and inconvenient even if it is only rated for a noise level of 73.5 dBA, which is just slightly louder than a shower. Those who live in areas with noise restrictions or who have near neighbors may find this to be an issue.

Another potential drawback is the fact that the generator is not CARB-compliant, which means it cannot be sold or used in California. This may be a concern for those who live in California or plan to use the generator in that state.

Predator Generator’s Safety Precautions

The primary concern when using a Predator 9000 generator should be safety. When using a generator, there is a major risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, thus it is crucial to take the appropriate safety measures to avoid it. In order to ensure safe functioning, we will go over how to use, store, and transport the generator in this part.

Proper Usage of Predator 900 Generator

The Predator 9000 generator should only be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Never use the generator inside or in a closed-off area since this can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. To guarantee proper airflow, the generator should be situated in a well-ventilated area away from open windows and doors.

To avoid electrical shock, it’s crucial to check that the generator is correctly grounded. According to the owner’s manual, the grounding wire needs to be attached to a grounding rod or another acceptable ground source. The generator needs to be shut off and given at least 10 minutes to cool before fuel is added when it needs to be refueled. The risk of fire or explosion will be eliminated.

Where should I keep my Predator 900 Generator

Predator 900 watt generator basic features

The Predator 9000 generator should be maintained out of direct sunlight and other heat sources and in a cool, dry location when not in use. To stop the fuel from deteriorating over time, the fuel tank should be drained or treated with a fuel stabilizer.

To protect it from the elements, the generator should be covered with a generator cover or another appropriate cover. In order to prevent the cover from blowing off in strong winds, it is crucial to make sure it is securely fastened.


Before purchasing the Predator 9000 generator, one should weigh its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, this generator is a dependable and strong energy source that may supply energy for outdoor activities or operate as a backup power source for your home or business. With its cutting-edge features and powerful performance, it can run a variety of appliances and machinery, from heavy-duty machinery to critical home items. In addition, the generator is a standout choice among portable generators due to its design, which prioritizes dependability, effectiveness, and simplicity of use.

Overall, people looking for a steady energy source may find the Predator 9000 generator to be a good option. It has several advantages, including cutting-edge features, outstanding performance, and durability, but it also has the potential disadvantage of the noise level. Therefore, before selecting whether the Predator 9000 is the ideal generator for you, it’s crucial to take into account your unique wants and requirements.


What is the maximum run time of the Predator 9000 generator?

 The maximum run time for the Predator 9000 generator is 13 hours at 50% load.

Where can I buy a Predator 9000 generator propane conversion kit?

You can buy a Predator 9000 generator propane conversion kit at Harbor Freight.

What are some other generators that I can consider?

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