Harbor Freight 800 Watt Generator: Features, Benefits, and Drawbacks

Are you looking for a small portable generator to take on camping trips or tailgate parties? Or perhaps you require a backup power source for your home in the event of a power outage? The Harbor Freight 800 Watt Generator is a cost-effective option with a peak power output of 800 watts and a rated power output of 700 watts. In this review, we’ll look at the features and performance of this generator to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Design and Portability

Harbor Freight 800 Watt Generator

The Harbor Freight 800 Watt Generator is small and light, making it simple to transport and store. It has a small 2-stroke gasoline engine with a maximum runtime of 5.5 hours at half load. The generator has a simple start-up process with a pull-start mechanism and comes with an oil bottle and a maintenance tool kit. It has two 120V outlets, a 12V DC outlet, and a USB port to accommodate a variety of devices and appliances. The generator also has an overload protection system that shuts down the engine automatically if the power demand is too high, ensuring the safety of your equipment and appliances.

Noise Level

The Harbor Freight 800 Watt Generator has a decibel level of 68dB, which is one of its disadvantages. This could be an issue if you’re using the generator in a quiet area, such as a campground. Keep in mind that generator noise levels can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the generator’s load and operating conditions.

Power Output and Efficiency

The Harbor Freight 800-watt generator has a peak power of 800 watts and a rated power of 700 watts. This is sufficient to power essential household appliances such as lights, refrigerators, televisions, and mobile devices. However, the generator may not be powerful enough for heavy-duty tasks or powering multiple appliances at once. Furthermore, the generator’s fuel efficiency may be subpar, resulting in higher fuel costs over time. The generator also lacks a fuel gauge, so you’ll have to manually monitor the fuel level.

Durability and Maintenance

According to some users, the Harbor Freight 800 Watt Generator may not last long and may require frequent maintenance or repairs. Furthermore, some units were reported to have quality control issues, such as malfunctions or defects right out of the box. Before you buy, do some research and read user reviews to see if there have been any common problems reported with the generator you’re thinking about.

Review of Harbor Freight 800 Watt Generator

Final Thoughts

Looking for a small and affordable generator that’s ideal for occasional use? Consider the Harbor Freight 800 Watt Generator, which is perfect for camping, tailgating, and running essential appliances during blackouts. However, if you need a generator for prolonged periods or to power high-wattage appliances, a more powerful and long-lasting model may be a better choice. Similarly, if you prioritize durability or fuel efficiency, you might want to explore higher-end models from trusted brands.

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