Don’t risk your money: Read Predator 4375 Generator Review First!

You never know when you’ll need backup power. Can the Predator 4375 Generator live up to the hype? Find out in this article. We’ll examine every single advantage and disadvantage with practical reason.

The Predator 4375 portable generator is a favorite among homeowners and outdoor lovers. It is a powerful unit that can provide reliable power to suit the demands of many applications, from running power tools on a job site to powering necessary appliances during power outages.


predator 4375 generator
  • Engine: 212cc OHV air-cooled engine
  • Maximum Output: 4375 watts
  • Continuous Output: 3500 watts
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 4 gallons
  • Runtime: Up to 12 hours at 50% load
  • Starting Method: Recoil start
  • Outlets: Two 120V outlets, one 240V twist-lock outlet, one 12V DC outlet
  • Noise Level: 72 decibels
  • Low Oil Shutdown: Yes
  • Heavy-duty steel roll cage: Yes
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 23.2 in. x 22.8 in. x 22.6 in.
  • Weight: 123 lbs.
  • EPA and CARB compliant: Yes


  • The Predator 4375 generator, like others twice its price, can provide steady power for a variety of purposes.
  • Its various outlets, 4-gallon fuel tank, and low oil shutdown make it perfect for lengthy power outages or outdoor activities.


  • However, it is a noisy and heavy machine that may not be suitable for all users.

Predator 4375 Generator Can Power up

The Predator 4375 generator is powered by a 212cc engine that can power a wide range of appliances and tools. With its multiple outlets, users can power different appliances and devices simultaneously. Here are some examples of the things that the Predator 4375 generator can power up:

  1. Refrigerator or freezer
  2. Air conditioner (up to 10,000 BTU)
  3. Electric stove or oven
  4. Microwave oven
  5. TV or entertainment system
  6. Lights and fans
  7. Power tools, such as circular saws, drills, and grinders
  8. Welders (up to 140 amps)
  9. Water pumps
  10. Sump pumps

Features and Benefits:

The Predator 4375 generator is a great option for homes and outdoor lovers due to a variety of advantages. It is a strong machine that can supply dependable power to fulfill the demands of a variety of applications, to start.

Second, it has a low oil shutdown function built into the architecture that shields the engine from harm and increases the generator’s lifespan.

Third, it has a 4-gallon gasoline tank that offers a duration of up to 12 hours if you use 50% of the load, making it the perfect option for prolonged power outages or outdoor activities.

Forth, this generator is available at half price of its kind by Honda 4000W “EG4000 Clan”.

The Predator 4375 generator has a sturdy chassis that protects it and makes transporting it simple. Also, the generator is built with several outlets, enabling customers to run several appliances at once.

The 240V twist-lock outlet’s special capability to power heavy-duty appliances makes it the perfect option for usage on farms, building sites, and other outdoor applications.


The Predator 4375 generator, like any other product, has significant shortcomings that customers should be aware of.

First off, with a noise level of 72 decibels, it is a noisy generator. Those who stay at campgrounds or quiet communities may have a problem with this.

Second, the 123-pound weight of the machine makes it tough for certain users to move around.

Third, some users have mentioned carburetor problems, which may have an impact on how well the generator works.

Forth, the hole for engine oil is too low, you can’t fill it without a long funnel.

The last, the control panel has no protection from rain and dust, in the rain, you should use something to cover it. Update:(new available stock has a rubber cover on its socket which means this problem is solved)

Why I like it most :

The Predator 4375 generator is a powerful machine that can deliver reliable power to meet the needs of various applications, as others of its kind do with double in price.

It is equipped with multiple outlets, a 4-gallon fuel tank, and a low oil shutdown feature that makes it an ideal choice for extended power outages or outdoor activities.

However, it is a noisy and heavy machine that may not be suitable for all users.

Overall, the Predator 4375 generator is a good investment for users who need a reliable source of power for their homes or outdoor activities.

What is the price of the Predator 4375 Generator?

The Predator 4375 is available for about $480 in online stores. If you found it in the town they may charge you about $400 for a brand-new product.

What is the suggested engine oil for the Predator 4375 Generator?

10W-30 engine oil is suggested by the manufacturer.

How many watts is the Predator 4375 generator?

Predator 4375 can produce 4375 starting watts, and 3500 running watts.

How many hours will a Predator 4375 generator last?

Predator 4375 generators can last for 12 Hours on 50% of the load with a full tank (4L)

Is the Predator generator made by Honda?

No, the Predator generator is not made by Honda, they are made by Harbor Freight Tools.

How much can a Predator 4375 run?

Predator 4375 generators can run for 12 Hours on 50% of the load with a full tank (4L)

How much oil does a Predator 4375 generator take?

Predator 4375 generator takes 0.6 Quart of engine oil.

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